"Profit per square" is a concept used to figure out which items/crops/livestock will generate the greatest number of coins over some period of time. The following table shows which ones are more profitable than others per square per hour.

Profit per square is useful for comparing all different items that generate coins. One drawback is that this number is only helpful in making money. It is not useful in deciding how to optimize experience or the look of your farm.

Example Edit

A Cucumber plant (which occupies a 4x4 square) costs 305 coins to plant (290 plus 15 to plow), and returns 450 coins in 1 day. The net return is 450 minus 305, or 145 coins. But since the cucumber plant takes up 16 squares (4x4), this is only 9.0625 coins profit per square in a day. So, per hour, one cucumber plant generates 9.0625/24, or 0.378, coins per square per hour.

Compared to Strawberries, which have a profit per square of .156, Cucumbers are more profitable in the long run.

Table Edit








Cost Per

Per Square

Profit Per

Per Square
Per Hour
Crop Cucumber-icon Cucumber 16 Squares (4x4) 24 Hours (1 day) 305 450 19.0625 28.125 9.0625 0.378
Crop Strawberries-icon Strawberry 16 Squares (4x4) 4 Hours 25 35 1.5625 2.1875 0.625 0.156

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