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—Image © Zynga
First date available: unknown
Last date available: available
Required minimum level(s): see Template:infobox-umbrella for template instructions
Sells for: Coin-icon 5,000 coins
Source Market
Size 9x7 (an area of 63 squares)
From 1 to 2 Stars
Coins Coin-icon 50,000 coins
Coin requirement: Level up recipes
6 times
Cash Cash-icon 15 cash
From 2 to 3 Stars
Coins Coin-icon 100,000 coins
Coin requirement: Level up recipes
18 times
Cash Cash-icon 25 cash
From 3 to 4 Stars
Coins Coin-icon 400,000 coins
Coin requirement: Level up recipes
27 times
Cash Cash-icon 40 cash
From 4 to 5 Stars
Coins Coin-icon 1,000,000 coins
Coin requirement: Level up recipes
36 times
Cash Cash-icon 60 cash

Pub is a crafting building in FarmVille English Countryside. This building is readily available to purchase for farmers when they arrive in the English Countryside. However, it need not be bought, as it is one of the rewards for the goal Stock the Bar.

The Pub takes up a fairly large footprint, and functions as other Crafting Buildings have in the past. That is, it starts as a 1-Star Pub, with only two recipes available to craft, but can be expanded all the way up to a 5-Star Pub by leveling up the recipes that you currently have access to with Bushels.In the first level only two crafting tables are provided but you'll only need to level up recipes six times (either one recipe six times, or a combination of the two) in order to be eligible to upgrade your Pub to the next level, unlocking another table and more recipes to craft. When you sell crafting goods to friends and neighbors, you'll earn 80% of the purchase price as your profit as it is in the other crafting buildings This building can be used to purchase goods sold by your friends and you can turn in those Goods for fuel.

Recipes and Ingredients Edit

Farmers can increase the level of their recipes.The recipe increase depends on the level. Higher level recipes cost more and can be used to buy fuel cans.

colspan="14" style="vertical-align: top" 1 Star (Level 1 items)
Ingredients Productivity Product
Hops Bushel-icon
4x Hops
Barley Bushel-icon
4x Barley



Duke's Stout-icon
2 x Duke's Stout
Hops Bushel-icon
3x Hops
Red Currant Bushel-icon
5x Red Currant



Oliviaberry Beer-icon
2 x Oliviaberry Beer
Royal Hops Bushel-icon
3x Royal Hops
Barley Bushel-icon
2x Barley
English Rose Bushel-icon
2x English Roses



Lionhead Ale-icon
2 x Lionhead Ale
Chardonnay Bushel-icon
3x Chardonnay
English Rose Bushel-icon
3x English Roses
Red Currant Bushel-icon
3x Red Currant



Chardonnay Preserves-icon
2 x Chardonnay Preserves
Super Kennebec Potato Bushel-icon
2 x Kennebec Potato
Radish Bushel-icon
2 x Radish
Turnips Bushel-icon
3 x Turnips
Potato Soup-icon
2 x Potato Soup
colspan="14" style="vertical-align: top" 2 Star (Level 3 items)
Ingredients Productivity Product
English Rose Bushel-icon
3x English Roses
English Pea Bushel-icon
2x English Peas
Barley Bushel-icon
2x Barley



Barley Crumpets-icon3 x Barley Crumpets
Bluebell Bushel-icon
2 x Bluebells
Spring Squill Bushel-icon
3x Spring Squill
Cornflower Bushel-icon
2x Cornflower



Floral Scones-icon3 x Floral Scones
Darrow Blackberry Bushel-icon
3 x Darrow Blackberry
Bluebell Bushel-icon
3 x Bluebells
Pink Asters Bushel-icon
2 x Pink Asters
Blackberry Juice-icon
3 x Blackberry Brandy
colspan="14" style="vertical-align: top" 3 Star (Level 6 items)
Ingredients Productivity Product
Red Currant Bushel-icon
4x Red Currant
Black Tea Bushel-icon
3x Black Tea
Pink Asters Bushel-icon
1x Pink Asters



Red Currant Trifle-icon
3 x Red Currant Trifle
English Rose Bushel-icon
4x English Roses
Black Tea Bushel-icon
4x Black Tea



Rosehip Tea-icon
3 x Rosehip Tea
4 Star (Level 9 items)
Ingredients Productivity Product
Foxglove-icon Foxglove Hops Bushel-icon Hops Royal Hops Bushel-icon Royal Hops File:Foxes Ale-icon.png
4 x Foxes Ale
colspan="14" 5 Star (Level 12 items)
Ingredients Productivity Product
colspan="14" style="vertical-align: top" Limited Edition
Ingredients Productivity Product
Field Beans Bushel-icon
4x Field Beans
Pink Asters Bushel-icon
3x Pink Asters
English Pea Bushel-icon
5x English Peas



Love Potion-icon
2 x Love Potion
Electric Roses Bushel-icon
3x Electric Roses
Hops Bushel-icon
2x Hops
Pink Asters Bushel-icon
2x Pink Asters

(3*12+2*10+2*24)/3= 34,667

Spark Rose Mead-icon
2 x Spark Rose Mead
Pink Carnation Bushel-icon
2x Pink Carnation
Black Tea Bushel-icon
4x Black Tea



Carnation Tea-icon
2 x Pink Carnation Tea

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