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The subject of this section is part of the Valentine's Day Event (2011), an event that began on January 19th, 2011. Since that event has run its course, this may no longer be available.

Red Heart Chicken is an animal in FarmVille. It was released on February 10, 2011 as part of the Valentine's Day Event (2011).
It could be purchased from the market for 14 FV cash. Red Heart Chickens yield the Treasured Golden Mystery Eggs when placed in a Chicken Coop. It can be obtained for free from Treasured Golden Mystery Egg but it's very rare as reward.

When placed in the Aviary, it can produce a Exclusive Common Orange Aviary Egg which can not be obtained from friends Common Orange Aviary Eggs.

Mastery Edit

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Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Mastery Total
12 20 39 71
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