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The Rocking 80s vs Roaring 20s is a voting building in FarmVille. The Rocking 80s vs Roaring 20s can be placed on any farm. It was originally released on May 10, 2017. It had 12 questions. Each answer had 2 options and you needed help from at least 6 friends at same answer to be able to redeem some reward. Also each reward can be bought for Cash-icon  cash without any friend votes.

Stages Edit

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
More Left Answers More Right Answers
Rocking 80s vs Roaring 20s 1-icon Rocking 80s vs Roaring 20s 2-icon

Questions Edit

Question 1 Edit

Mobster Chicken-icon The Don Chicken-icon
Mobster Chicken The Don Chicken

Question 2 Edit

BB Jazzist Duck-icon 80s Popstar Duck-icon
BB Jazzist Duck 80s Popstar Duck

Question 3 Edit

Suave Monkey-icon Party Ready Monkey-icon
Suave Monkey Party Ready Monkey

Question 4 Edit

Fox Trot Panda-icon Funky Boom Box-icon
Fox Trot Panda Funky Boom Box

Question 5 Edit

Preppy Sheep-icon Old Funk Sheep-icon
Preppy Sheep Old Funk Sheep

Question 6 Edit

Battle of Wits-icon Action Fighting Arcade-icon
Battle of Wits Action Fighting Arcade

Question 7 Edit

Vintage Record Player-icon Old Skool Jukebox-icon
Vintage Record Player Old Skool Jukebox

Question 8 Edit

Glam Feather Tree-icon Funky Patterned Tree-icon
Glam Feather Tree Funky Patterned Tree

Question 9 Edit

Old Tin Automobile-icon Old Vintage Muscle-icon
Old Tin Automobile Old Vintage Muscle

Question 10 Edit

Classic Gramaphone Tree-icon Vintage Cassette Tree-icon
Classic Gramaphone Tree Vintage Cassette Tree

Question 11 Edit

Cloche Hat Tree-icon Vintage Hat Tree-icon
Cloche Hat Tree Vintage Hat Tree

Question 12 Edit

Roaring 20s Pegacorn-icon Rocking 80s Pegacorn-icon
Roaring 20s Pegacorn Rocking 80s Pegacorn

Final Reward Edit

In this voting building, the number of left and right answers do not affect the final reward since it is the same for both - a Book Of XP.

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