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The Seasoned Decorator ribbon is an unreleased ribbon.

  • Own limited edition decorations to earn ribbons

Rewards Edit

Colour Experience Coins
Yellow 25 1000
White 50 2,500
Red 100 5,000
Blue 250 10,000

Code from GameSettings Edit

<achievement name="seasoneddecorator" code="A028">
                       <level count="5" xp="25" coins="1000" />
                       <level count="25" xp="50" coins="2500" />
                       <level count="50" xp="100" coins="5000" />
                       <level count="100" xp="250" coins="10000" />
                       <image name="icon_48" url="assets/achievements/48x48/Seasoned_decorator_48.png" />
                       <image name="icon_100" url="assets/achievements/100x100/Seasoned_decorator_100.png" />
                       <image name="icon_130" url="assets/achievements/130x130/Seasoned_decorator_130.png" />
                       <image name="icon_yellow" url="assets/achievements/achievement_ribbon_icons/seasoned_decorator_yellow.png" />
                       <image name="icon_white" url="assets/achievements/achievement_ribbon_icons/seasoned_decorator_white.png" />
                       <image name="icon_red" url="assets/achievements/achievement_ribbon_icons/seasoned_decorator_red.png" />
                       <image name="icon_blue" url="assets/achievements/achievement_ribbon_icons/seasoned_decorator_blue.png" />

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