A shipping license is a consumable that allows you to transfer items between farms via the storage system.

Shipping licenses can either be purchased from the market, or gained by completing tasks.

A shipping license is required for each farm that you want to transfer items between.

Shipping licenses are permanent, and only need to be purchased once per farm to add it to the pool of interconnected storage.

A shipping license is not needed for the Home Farm, because it is the primary farm that the shipping licenses connect to.

You get a free license with the Hanging Gardens and Farmers Square farms.

Current Licenses Edit

Farm # Farm name Alternate name(s) License Image
  1 English Countryside English farm English Countryside Shipping License-icon
  2 Sunflower Meadows Meadows farm Sunflower Meadow Shipping License-icon
  3 Lighthouse Cove Lighthouse Cove Shipping License-icon
  4 Winter Wonderland Winter Wonderland Shipping License-icon
  5 Hawaiian Paradise Hawaiian Paradise Shipping License-icon
  6 Jade Falls Asia farm Jade Falls Shipping License-icon
  7 Haunted Hollow Haunted Hollow Shipping License-icon
  8 Mistletoe Lane Holiday farm Mistletoe Lane Shipping License-icon
  9 Enchanted Glen Fairy farm Enchanted Glen Shipping License-icon
 10 Atlantis Underwater farm Atlantis Shipping License-icon
 11 Hanging Gardens Free Shipping License-icon
 12 Australia Aussie farm Australia Shipping License-icon
 13 Celestial Pastures Space farm Celestial Pastures Shipping License-icon
 14 Sweet Acres Candy farm Sweet Acres Shipping License-icon
 15 Mystical Groves Fantasy Forest farm Mystical Groves Shipping License-icon
 16 Holiday Lights Lights farm Holiday Lights Shipping License-icon
 17 Fields of El Dorado Rainforest farm Fields of El Dorado Shipping License-icon
 18 Farmers Square Farmers Village Free Shipping License-icon
 19 Emerald Valley Oz farm Emerald Valley Shipping License-icon
 20 Mediterranean Riviera Mediterranean Riviera Shipping License-icon
 21 Oasis Gardens Oasis Gardens Shipping License-icon
 22 FairyTale Fields Storybook farm FairyTale Fields Shipping License-icon
 23 Horsemans Hollow Sleepy Hollow farm Horsemans Hollow Shipping License-icon
 24 Toy Town Toy Land farm Magical Toy Town Shipping License-icon
 25 Avalon (phase 1)
Medieval farm Avalon Shipping License-icon
Avalon Kingdom and Wilderlands
both have shared storage
with each other
 26 Avalon (phase 2)
Kingdom farm Avalon Shipping License-icon
Avalon Kingdom and Wilderlands
both have shared storage
with each other
 27 Wild West Ranch Western farm Wild West Ranch Shipping License-icon
 28 Treasure Tides Pirate farm
Seafarer farm
Treasure Tides Shipping License-icon
 29 Savannah Safari Africa farm Savannah Safari Shipping License-icon
 30 Phantom Valley Transylvania farm Phantom Valley Shipping License-icon
 31 Alpine Jingle Wintertide farm Alpine Jingle Shipping License-icon
 32 Namaste India India farm Namaste India Shipping License-icon
 33 Story of Sakura Japan farm Story of Sakura Shipping License-icon
 34 Caveman Club Caveman Club Shipping License-icon
 35 Ode to Olympus Ode to Olympus Shipping License-icon
 36 Carnaval De Los Muertos Carnaval De Los Muertos Shipping License-icon
 37 Once Upon a Winter Snowy farm Once Upon a Winter Shipping License-icon
 38 Groovy Hills Groovy Hills Shipping License
 39 Opals Kingdom Opals Kingdom Shipping License
 40 Legend of Tengguan Thai farm Legend of Tengguan Shipping License
 41 Isle of Dreams Isle of Dreams Shipping License
Farm # Farm name Alternate name(s) License Image
The Farm #'s used in this table are for COUNTING purposes only and have no relation to the ACTUAL farm's expansion number.

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