Silver Medal-icon

A Silver Medal

The Silver Medal is a reward in Co-op Farming for finishing a job in less than the second amount of time offered. See the table on the Co-Op Farming page for the time periods involved.

Each Co-op mission offers experience points, coins, and a prize that can be placed on your farm.

The number of XP, coins and the specific prize are dependent on which co-op job is completed, as well as the amount of time taken. The Gold medal level receives more XP and coins, as well as a special prize. The Bronze medal level receives less XP and coins.

All members of the Co-op get the same reward even if they do not contribute, and regardless of the number of members. A maximum of 10 neighbors may become members of any Co-op and a member must wait for the Co-op to be completed, or quit the Co-op, before that person can start or join another.

Farmers can buy an extra 24 hours for Cash-icon 15 cash to give the group more time to complete the challenge. This adds 24 hours to every type of medal (Gold, Silver, and Bronze).

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