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Special Delivery Box
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The Special Delivery Box is a gift box in FarmVille obtained via free gifts. It can contain one of many useful items such as building materials and Watering Cans.

Sending Boxes Edit

Upon logging into the game each day, the player will have the opportunity to send Special Delivery Box to all neighbors who played FarmVille in the past 24 hours. Additionally, an icon on the left side of the screen will display how many neighbors the player has, and when clicked will allow the player to send a Special Delivery Box to each of them.

When visiting an active player's farm there will be an icon on the left side of the screen to send that player a Special Delivery Box. saying special delivery which can be used to send that particular friend a special delivery gift while you are on his/her farm.

Neighbors who help on a player's farm can also be sent a Special Delivery Box after their help has been accepted.

Opening Boxes Edit

As of January 8th 2011, if the player has multiple Special Delivery Boxes in their gift box, the player can choose how many boxes to open. The contents of the boxes depend on what buildings are under construction and the presence of any mystery babies, mystery seedlings, mystery lambs, or mystery piglets, as well as the existing contents of the player's gift box. The items delivered are determined in the following order:

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(extremely rare)

The game takes into account the player's Gift Box contents when determining the Special Delivery Box contents. If there are enough of a particular item in the Gift Box to complete one of the above items, the next item will be used for Special Delivery Box contents.

Box Contents Edit

Building materials:

Building materials for Animal Pens (Added to boxes on October 24th, 2011):

On December 11th, 2011 the Log, Steel Beam, and Stone were further released in boxes for completing the Lighthouse Cove.

Building materials for Winter Wonderland buildings (Added to boxes on January 28th, 2012):

Building materials for Count Duckula's Castle were added to the boxes during the Halloween Event (2011):

Building materials for the Ice Palace were added to the boxes on January 28th, 2012:

Building materials added to the boxes on March 19th, 2012:

Building materials added to the boxes on August 1st, 2012

Building materials for Jade Falls (farm):

Building materials for Haunted Hollow (farm) (added January 2013):

Building materials for Mistletoe Lane:

Other Consumables:

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Decorations: (Not Available From SDB feature.)

Animals: (Not Available From SDB feature.)

Trees: (Not Available From SDB feature.)

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