This page is about the 2011 version. For Spring Basket (2011), see Spring Basket (disambiguation).

The Spring Basket is a building available in FarmVille which was released to celebrate the Spring Time Event and Easter holiday. It was released in 2010.

It works in a similar way to the Valentine's Box and Pot of Gold. The objective is to collect as many Eggs as possible, which can be traded in for exclusive Spring-themed items. Eggs can be received as a gift from neighbors. On April 15th, 10 Spring Eggs were included in the FarmVille Bonus Package. Spring Eggs are no longer a Gift as of April 30th 2010.


For the 2011's Spring Basket, visit Spring Basket (2011).

Eggs Edit

The following Eggs items can either be purchased or sent as a gift.

Blue Spring Egg-icon
5 Spring Eggs
Cash-icon 5 cash
5 Eggs
Red Spring Egg-icon
Red Spring Egg
I gift Gifting
1 Egg or 3 Eggs
Purple Spring Egg-icon
Purple Spring Egg
I gift Gifting
1 Egg or 3 Eggs
Blue Spring Egg-icon
Blue Spring Egg
I gift Gifting
1 Egg or 3 Eggs
Orange Spring Egg-icon
Orange Spring Egg
I gift Gifting
1 Egg or 3 Eggs
Pink Spring Egg-icon
Pink Spring Egg
I gift Gifting
1 Egg or 3 Eggs

Redeemable Items Edit

Eggs can be exchanged for various prizes. When a farmer redeems an item, FarmVille will give the option of sharing a second of same item to neighbors.

Mystery Egg (Spring)-icon
Mystery Egg
10 Eggs
Sunny Ewe-icon
Sunny Ewe
20 Eggs
Bunny Gnome-icon
Bunny Gnome
30 Eggs
Gilded Egg-icon
Gilded Egg
40 Eggs
Flower Fountain-icon
Flower Fountain
75 Eggs
Dutch Windmill-icon
Dutch Windmill
150 Eggs

Levels Edit

Empty Budding Burgeoning Thriving Flourishing
Spring Basket - Empty Spring Basket-icon Spring Basket - Burgeoning Spring Basket - Thriving Spring Basket - Flourishing
0-9 Eggs 10-24 Eggs 25-74 Eggs 75-149 Eggs 150+ Eggs

Gallery Edit

  • The different Eggs.

See also Edit

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