Sweet Seeds for Haiti Event (January 2010)
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—Image © Zynga
Start Date: January 14, 2010
End Date: January 22, 2010
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Cowprint Event
Sweet Seeds for Haiti Event
Peace Event

The Sweet Seeds for Haiti Event (January 2010) was an extension of the previous Sweet Seeds Event. In this event, farmers were able to purchase special White Corn from the Market with Cash-icon  cash. In addition, farmers have the option to donate 25, 55 or 240 Cash to Zynga’s Relief Fund for Haiti. Zynga donated 100% of the proceeds earned from this event to help victims of the Earthquake in Haiti.

After purchasing the White Corn, all donors will receive a one week license to plant them. This means that users are able to plant white corn in unlimited amounts for 7 days only. Once a farmer has purchased a new license, a giftable flag will become available to them on the Gift Page to send one to their neighbors. The farmer also received a Haiti Flag for donating.

Sweet Seed Edit

White Corn-icon
White Corn

Coin-icon 10 coins
Cash-icon 25 cash

Sweet Seeds Gift Flag-icon

Donor Flag

Sweet Seeds Donor Flag-icon

Gift Flag

Other Sweet Seeds

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