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Trapping Farmer is a technique used by those who wish to increase the speed of their Harvesting, Plowing and Seeding.

Trapping a Farmer Edit

Trapping a Farmer involves surrounding the farmer with decorations or animals.

Hay Bales or Fences are the easiest way to do so:

Purchase four of either of them, and set them up in a square pattern around the Farmer. It's advisable to put them where your sprite loads, so your Farmer will always immediately be trapped.

Your Farmer won't be able to walk towards the objects he/she wants to interact with, yet still carries out the task. So this disables the entire time of your character walking, enabling faster Farming since each action takes place immediately after the last.

Legality Edit

This is not a hack, no edit to the game, only a cheat. This is absolutely legal in the game, and will not get you banned.

Hints Edit

• When using Pets to trap the farmer, make sure the "Allow Walk" option is disabled.

• You should move your trap after expanding your farm, because the midpoint of the farm changes.

• Be certain there is no object placed in the square where the avatar first appears when you load the game. If another object is in that space, the avatar will be able to walk through any adjacent object.

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