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Vegetable Tart (Co-op)
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Job Information
Warning! This template is using obsolete parameters! This may cause this Vegetable Tart (Co-op) or others to display inappropriately (or not at all). See the template page {{infobox-co-op_job}} for more information.
First date available: April 2, 2010
Last date available: May 31, 2013
Type of Job Bakery
Join Level see Template:infobox-co-op_job for template instructions
Description Grow crops to delivery to a bakery!
Seed and
[[File:{{{seed1}}}-icon.png|40px|link={{{seed1}}}]] x {{{seedamount1}}}
Gold Medal-icon 3 days, 8 hrs
Please replace this template with {{currencycoin875 }}

1050 XP
Grape Bushel-icon 3x sets of Bushels
Silver Medal-icon 5 days, 18 hrs
Please replace this template with {{currencycoin775 }}

950 XP
Grape Bushel-icon 2x sets of Bushels
Bronze Medal-icon 10 days, 12 hrs
Please replace this template with {{currencycoin640 }}

775 XP
Grape Bushel-icon 1x sets of Bushels
Special Reward no special reward

For the item, see Vegetable Tart.

Vegetable Tart is a bushel co-op job that was introduced in limited release on September 23rd, 2010. It is only available for users with a Bakery to start, however any other user can join it after its been started provided they are level 20 or above.

The story reads as follows:

Well hello! What great timing you have! I just received a few very large orders for the Farmer's Banquet. I'm going to have a bit of trouble filling them all because well because I got hungry and ate up a lot of the ingredients myself. I'm soooo embarrassed! If you can help me fill my orders, I'll make sure to reward you with all the Bushels you need to make some vegetable tarts! Please say you'll help and PLEASE don't tell anyone!

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