The Wandering Stallion is an animal that was released on March 19, 2010. Like the Bull from the Dairy Farm, it is used to breed Foals with the other Horses in the Horse Stable. It will only stay one day and you cannot have multiple Stallions at one time. This Stallion does not appear in your Gift Box when you grab it from the news feed. Instead, it immediately appears in the Horse Stable. You can view it in the top left corner of the Horse Stable window, after you have offered him a home. It is most likely based off the real world feral horse.

If a farmer that does not have a completed stable attempts to accept the stallion, they will receive one set of the components needed to build a stable; 1 each of the Brick, Harness, Nail, Wooden Board and Horseshoe.

As of April 1st, the Wandering Stallion could not be sheltered on the English Countryside. If a player with a complete Horse Stable tried to give shelter, there was a message telling them that the stable is not complete.

Breeding Edit

Main article: Guide:Breeding Horses

Whenever a farmer has a Wandering Stallion, and any mare in their horse stable, every time they collect from it there is a chance to get a foal from the mare that up to 5 Neighbors can adopt. If you do not get a foal, you receive extra money when harvesting, as a thank you gift for sheltering the Stallion.

Gallery Edit

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