The Water vs Earth is a voting building in FarmVille. The Water vs Earth can be placed on any farm. It was originally released on March 29, 2017. It had 12 questions. Each answer had 2 options and you needed help from at least 6 friends at same answer to be able to redeem some reward. Also each reward can be bought for Cash-icon  cash without any friend votes.

Stages Edit

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
More Left Answers More Right Answers
Water vs Earth 1-icon Water vs Earth 2-icon

Questions Edit

Question 1 Edit

Do I like fishes or butterflies?
Aqua Spiral Tree-icon Spiral Butterfly Tree-icon
Aqua Spiral Tree Spiral Butterfly Tree

Question 2 Edit

Do I like seashell deco or wooden deco?
Levitating Water Tree-icon Golden Globe Tree-icon
Levitating Water Tree Golden Globe Tree

Question 3 Edit

Am I more likely to choose Water deity or Land deity?
Aqua Light House-icon Earthly Watch Tower-icon
Aqua Light House Earthly Watch Tower

Question 4 Edit

Do I prefer to work in a navy or in an army?
Aqua Goddess Gnomette-icon Earth Goddess Gnomette-icon
Aqua Goddess Gnomette Earth Goddess Gnomette

Question 5 Edit

Would I prefer sea route or land route?
Island Yacht-icon Vine Print Truck-icon
Island Yacht Vine Print Truck

Question 6 Edit

Am I more likely to swim or walk?
Tiger Tube Duck-icon Strolling Duck-icon
Tiger Tube Duck Strolling Duck

Question 7 Edit

Do I like an aquarium or potted plant?
Aqua Tail Dog-icon Plant Tail Dog-icon
Aqua Tail Dog Plant Tail Dog

Question 8 Edit

Am I more likely to visit beaches or mountains?
Mystical Aquatic Deer-icon Mystical Crystal Deer-icon
Mystical Aquatic Deer Mystical Crystal Deer

Question 9 Edit

Do I prefer playing in water or on land?
Water Lord Chimpanzee-icon Earth Lord Chimpanzee-icon
Water Lord Chimpanzee Earth Lord Chimpanzee

Question 10 Edit

Do I like Snorkelling or Hiking?
Snorkelling Penguin-icon Hiking Penguin-icon
Snorkelling Penguin Hiking Penguin

Question 11 Edit

Would I rather enjoy Water Polo or Hand Ball?
Water Polo Bear-icon Hand Ball Bear-icon
Water Polo Bear Hand Ball Bear

Question 12 Edit

Am I more likely to choose a Seahorse or a Land Horse?
Colourful Aqua Seapony-icon Unique Print Unicorn-icon
Colourful Aqua Seapony Unique Print Unicorn

Final Reward Edit

In this voting building, the number of left and right answers do not affect the final reward since it is the same for both - a Book Of XP.

Gallery Edit

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