This FAQ is a WIP by Gamemakergm and it is to be made for our answers site.


There is no icon for my dog in the pound on my screen?Edit

Your dog didn't escape,it's just hidden in your farm.

My Dog shows 14/14, why hasn't it grown up?Edit

You have to wait for the next day, and the dog will grow up.It will grow up when the timer hits 0:00


How to increase my land?Edit

You go the market to the Farm Expansion tab and you buy an expansion with either coins of FV cash.

Consumable ItemsEdit

What does Double Avatar do?Edit

It enlarges the avatar to its double size, still only taking up an area of 1x1.It lasts 1 hour.

What does Fertilize All do?Edit

It immediately fertilizes every plot on one's own farm, thus adding 1 XP per plot to the harvest of the currently-planted crop.

Farmville ToolsEdit

Where did my shovel go?Edit

The "Shovel "(Delete Tool) was replaced with the Recycle Tool .

Lost "Wandering" AnimalsEdit

How do you get a White Stallion?Edit

The White Stallion was released on February 9, 2010 as part of the Valentine's Day Event . It could be obtained from the 13th Generation Mystery Box .It is no longer available.

How do you get a Black Stallion?Edit

The Black Stallion was officially released as one of the rare prizes in the Mystery Game .

Crafting Cottages and BushelsEdit

I missed my window to sign up for the preview of a Crafting Building so where do I go now to sign up?Edit

People have been reporting that they won't get it again,which means you can't anymore.

I wanted the "Cottage" but I bought another one by mistake. Can I reverse my choice?Edit

Yes,but you need to pay 100,000 Coins to buy it after you sell your other Crafting Cottage

I choose the "Cottage" and I can't remember what I need to plant?Edit

Look at the recipes in your Crafting Buildings.

How do I use bushels to make Crafting Buildings ?Edit

If you look in the Crafting Buildings itself, its quite simple & straightforward. If not, see Guide:Crafting Cottages.

What does inventory full mean?Edit

It means that you have too many bushels and need to give or use some of them.


After you reach 200 bees can you expand the Beehive?Edit


What does a beehive do?Edit

  • Honeybees allow you to find Pollinated Seeds from fertilized crops. The more honeybees you have, the higher your chances are of finding pollinated seeds.
  • Pollinated seeds unlock special pollinated crops in the Market. Pollinated crops have a higher chance of producing bushels than normal crops and will last for two days.
  • If you have 200 bees, you'll have a 33% chance on harvest to get a Fertilize All for your farm. You can either use it or put it in your Gift Box.
  • When harvested a full beehive yields 600 coins.

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