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Yellow Melon is a fruit crop available on FarmVille for farmers who are at least level 33. It costs Coin-icon 205 coins to plant each plot. It takes 4 days to grow until it can be harvested. It can be harvested for Coin-icon 528 coins.

Stall and Bushel Edit

Yellow Melon Stall Yellow Melon Bushel
Yellow Melon Stall-icon Yellow Melon Bushel-icon

Mastery Edit

Main article: Mastery
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Mastery Total
150 300 450 900
Yellow Melon Mastery Sign-icon

—Image © Zynga

Growth Phases Edit

Growth 0 - 32% 33 - 65% 66 - 99% 100% 100% Fertilized Withered ***
Phases Yellow Melon 00

—Image © Zynga
Yellow Melon 33

—Image © Zynga
Yellow Melon 66

—Image © Zynga
Yellow Melon 100

—Image © Zynga
Yellow Melon extra100

—Image © Zynga
Yellow Melon withered

—Image © Zynga
Time Time planted

1 day, 8 hours
1 day, 8 hours

2 days, 17 hours
2 days, 17 hours

4 days, 3 hours
4 days, 4 hours

10 days, 10 hours ***
4 days, 4 hours

10 days, 10 hours ***
8 days, 8 hours

10 days, 10 hours+


The profit per day for a Yellow Melon is relatively low, compared to other crops, but is the highest of the 4 day crops. Like the Watermelon, they could be grown if a farmer was going to be away for up to 7 or 8 days.

Trivia Edit

Crop Mastery:
The flesh of the Yellow Watermelon is sweeter than other varieties of {{#NewWindowLink:wikipedia:Watermelon|Watermelon}}.

Crafting Edit

Yellow Melon Bushels are used in 1 crafting recipe.

Building Ingredients Product
5 stars
Yellow Melon Bushel-icon
1x Yellow Melon Bushel
Watermelon Bushel-icon
1x Watermelon Bushel
Carrot Bushel-icon
2x Carrot Bushel
Strawberry Bushel-icon
1x Strawberry Bushel
Melon Juice-icon
4x Melon Juice

See Also Edit

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